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DodcoInc Anodized Aluminum Garment Hangers (11 colors)

"The #1300 Hanger from DODCO features a sleek and clean design for all possible aesthetic possibilities. They are also extremely sturdy, made from strong aluminium, which creates a long lasting and professional looking product. Each hanger is hand made, with the help of machinery, on site in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. We are proud to say that our hangers service many world renowned organizations." -DodcoInc

Product Review; "Nice and strong colorful Clothes Hangers at a relatively affordable price (considering this is a premium "commercial / business" style hanger). Labled with a small "Dodco Inc. Milwaukee Wis." logo, these are shiny and vibrant - the colors can be used to categorize, or just use a single color throughout your collection. They're easily strong enough to support heavy clothes, and there's no burrs or corners that damage nice shirts or pants. It's the complete look with a US made wardrobe!"



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