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Dream Glow Glitter Pipe (Large)

"Due to its’ glowing nature and excellent reputation; Studies show that, with the Amazing Glow in the Dark Glitter Pipe ™ by Dream® – day or night, it’s always easy to find! The Dream® Glow Glitter Pipe™ truly is amazing!" -Dream

Product Review; "I have been trying to cut down on my consumption of smoking products, it's an expensive habit, tobacco is slowly effecting my cardiovascular health, and imported bleached rolling papers are not something I want to be buying anymore. So I've been enjoying taking a puff or two if the nicotine craving is getting bad, and it really helps me to cut down on the overall amount of tobacco I'm consuming. Besides my personal reasons, the pipe is truly a work of professionalism. It's freezable, has a medium-size bowl, and the glow is super strong but is nice for nighttime smoking. Its a premium pipe (at a premium price) but I was/am so happy to have such an awesome pipe to show off, and I can say it was handblown in Colorado!" -MadeInUSAReview


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