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GunpowderGames DoubleJumpPublishing Maelstrom Free-To-Play Battle Royale Online Steam PC Video-Game

"Fast-paced naval battles in a grim fantasy world of leviathans, warships & magic! Captain Orc, Dwarf, Human or Undead warships with tactical, ship-vs-ship-vs-monster combat! Upgrade ships & crew to become the most powerful warship to sail the Abyssal Ocean! Multiplayer, Solo & Co-Op." -GunpowderGames

Official Website (GunPowderGames);

Product Review; "Maelstrom is a great free-to-play Battle Royale game on Steam. Set in a medieval-fantasy universe, The gameplay loop is perhaps on the slow side, but the strategy and gameplay variation are really addictive. Choose your Race (Humans, Orcs, Dwarves or Undead), Ship Type (Sloop, Frigate or Battleship) and load it up with Captain and crew for a really unique strategic experience. The game is currently in Alpha, but the developers are focused on creating new content and making sure the game stays balanced, and without Pay-To-Win aspects. I was surprised how engaging, relaxing and well-developed (bug-free) the game is, After playing each mode, meeting some of the friendly community members, and learning about the small development studio it's made by, I'd highly recommend any Strategy or Battle Royale lover check out Maelstrom - It's free so you have not much to lose!"



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