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Element 40'' Roku 120hz LCD Smart TV (E4SC4018RKU)

"Element Roku TV is an easy way to stream what you love. Access 500,000+ movies and TV episodes across thousands of free or paid channels. Get features like fast and easy cross-channel search. And use the free Roku mobile app for private listening or as a handy remote." -ElementElectronics

Product Review; "I was looking for a domestically made monitor for months.. I had given up hope.. then out of desperation a few weeks later I decided to do another quick search, and came across assembled in USA Element TVs. Sold (usually) at Costco or Walmart, these TVs perform alongside the most modern and technologically standard products you can will find. The first purchase I made was of one of the ELEF... models (featured in the Assembled in USA page of ElementElectronics website), but when I received the monitor, and upon inspection of it's manufacturer's tag it only said "made in china"... I was disappointed but not giving up. I tried the E4SC4018RKU (it showed a more definitive USA assembled icon on it's store image), and a few days later, looked at the tag and.. "Assembled in the United States". So I was happy and surprised, but I'm especially happy to say the TV is working very well as my desktop monitor, albeit gaming is sometimes hindered with it's 120hz frame refresh rate, full array of Smart-TV apps/features, and definitely passable color accuracy. If you can still get your hands on one of these, you (and your the US) will be glad you did!" -MadeInUSAReview


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