Espeez Cinna-Pix Old-Fashioned Pure Cinnamon Oil Toothpicks

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

"Freshen your breath with the spicy heat of real cinnamon. ESPEEZ Cinna-Pix are the boldest, most flavorful cinnamon toothpicks on the market." -EspeezCandy

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Product Review; "I've been trying to quit smoking for awhile now - and probably one of the best replacements for the oral-fixation (free of sugar) is sucking on a Toothpick - and Cinna Pix have a delightful little sting of cinnamon that really makes these special. Besides that, everyone knows a Toothpick is a great hygienic (/emergency pick) tool to keep in your every-day bag. You don't want to have a piece of broccoli stuck in your tooth and no toothpick!" -MadeInUSAReview

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