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NewellBrands ElmersProducts X-Acto X-Life #11 Fine Point Cutting Blades (Multiple Sizes & Types)

"X-ACTO offers blades for cutting, scoring, chiseling, and more that work on a wide variety of surfaces." -Xacto

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Product Review; "I have previously reviewed an ArtCraft X-Acto Knife Handle, But after a few projects with it, the included blades we're getting dull and I did a quick EBay search for some US Made Blade Refills. The exact listing I used is no longer available, but you can easily find domestic made blades from brands like X-Acto or Techni-Edge (Albeit some manufacturers are subsidiaries of multinational mega corps) -Just make sure to do the best research you can to make sure your money is going towards a Domestic Manufacturer, and small, localized company which shares the same values you do!" -MadeInUSAReview


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