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HomeFirstLLC The Fireman 4-In-1(Class A,B,C,K) Non-Toxic Fire Suppressor Spray (18oz Can)

"CALL 911 then use THE FIREMAN! FIGHTS 4 TYPES OF HOME FIRES. FIRE SUPPRESSOR CLASS A: wood, paper, cloth, rubber, plastic CLASS B: flammable liquids, oils, gas, paint CLASS C: electrical equipment & wiring CLASS K: combustible grease & cooking oil. EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN UP Can be operated with one hand! STOPS FIRE FAST! USE IN HOME, KITCHEN, AUTO, BOAT, RV, GARAGE, FIREPLACE, CAMPING! Environmentally friendly, Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Non Corrosive."


Product Review; "A compact and powerful Fire Suppressor, stows away in a glove-compartment or in an emergency kit, and sprays a stream of foam about 6 feet, almost instantly extinguishing small and medium sized fires. The Fireman can be found online for about $20-$30 (and cheaper when buying multiples) - in case of emergency you'll be glad you made the twenty dollar investment."



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