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JohannaCompanies Ssips Strawberry Kiwi Naturally Flavored Refrigerated Drink 59fl oz Carton

"From refreshing Lemon Iced Tea and old-fashioned Lemonade to the tropical flavors of Ssips Sabor Latino drinks and nectars, Ssips refrigerated drinks offer flavors that will satisfy everyone! Look for our delicious new Ssips Green Tea with Honey & Ginseng!

Green Tea contains antioxidants which have many health benefits." -JohannaFoods

Official Website (JohannaFoods);

Product Review; "Another common find at cheaper grocery stores - At my bodega up the street a carton of Ssips is less than 3$. Great for making popsicles, or as a chaser for some Tito's Vodka, the Strawberry Kiwi flavor is probably the best variety of Ssips I've tried. Refreshing and full of sugar (unfortunately only 5% fruit juice), it's a game drink (in moderation) for a kid's treat, or supplying the game-day party. If you like sweet juice drinks - Ssips is definitely worth a try!" -MadeInUSAReview


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