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NAMHoldingsLLC Alka-65 Purified Alkaline Water With Electrolytes (50.7fl oz Plastic Bottle)

"pH is the Measure of acidity and alkalinity. The higher the pH the greater the alkalinity. Our alkaline water + Electrolytes is ionized to pH 9.5+." -NAMHoldingsLLC

Company Information (BizAPedia);

Product Review; "As far as I can taste, this is a good quality purified enhanced water, the company is a little hard to find info about (only it's distributor is clearly marked). This may be because of it's source, the Erie County Municipal Supply (A potentially state / federally controlled water supply).. This makes me a little weary, But it's ingredients & nutritional information are clear on the label, and I guess (If I'm traveling and need bottled water) I'd rather drink water bottled at a domestic source, than from a company that imports it's bottles, and water. This way (in theory) business practices are more transparent and operate under laws / regulations that it's citizens are aware of and involved with (as opposed to a foreign countries regulations, of which we have no say in)." -MadeInUSAReview


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