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NorthStarGloveCo Bukaroo Leather Cowhide Work Gloves

"Our most popular leather palm/canvas back glove. Cream color, LM weight, side grain cowhide palm; yellow canvas back with "BUKAROO" emblazoned in large red print. Full fit, gunn pattern with wrap around index finger, leather finger tips, and red elastic band at back of wrist. Straight thumb. Seam welts protect palm stress areas. Brown edge binding. This glove extensively used by telephone company and utility workers. For medium duty work, where the hand is allowed to breathe. Sizes: Men's XS,S,M,L,XL."

-North Star Glove Company

Product Review; "I needed a tough, protective pair of gloves for when I have to move heavy boxes around at work. There are a few options if you look around online, but NorthStarGloveCompany has some of the most inexpensive gloves while still being very well made with quality materials. I found a cheap listing on EBay, but North Star has a good selection of styles depending on what you need. The fingers are wide at the tip, so don't expect to be able to use small tools with these on, but the fabric is stretchy and loose and won't restict your movement too much - overall a really nice and cheap pair of Work Gloves I don't mind damaging or getting dirty." -MadeInUSAReview


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