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POH Classic White NoWax Dental Floss (100yards)

"Constructed of nylon and gathered into strands, our multi-filament floss is designed to disrupt and disorganize plaque. Unique in offering three different thicknesses, our floss is effective in cleaning teeth. Due to its unique nature, POH dental floss is to be used in accordance with the Bass Method of using dental floss.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see where to clean your teeth? Or, wouldn’t it be great to be able to see where you missed? Now you can. Disclosing tablets are used in Preventive Dental offices when they teach the Bass Method of personal oral hygiene." -BuyPOH

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Product Review; "Everyone needs to floss more. Everyone says it - But everyone knows its a pain and and extra chore on top of brushing and washing your face every night - The benefits are worth it. Here is a great economical, compact and convenient little American Made Floss dispenser (with refills available if you go that route). Because the twine is unwaxed it can also be used to make a tourniquet in case of emergency (but that's always a worst-case scenario). I recommend these of every American I know who flosses - because most every massive corporation oursources and chooses low paid workers with lower demands and standards."



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