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PolarBeveragesInc 100% Natural Calorie-Free Seltzer Lemon Flavor Carbonated Water (Multiple Sizes)

"Why be flat when you can sparkle? No Calories, No Sodium, No Sugar, No Sweeteners, No Gluten." -Polar Seltzer

Official Website (PolarBeverages);

Product Review; "We you're about and about, in the city or relaxing by the pool - sipping on a refreshing an crisp Sparkling water can be the perfect antidote to that hot summer day or stressful workload. Delightfully bubbly and with a pleasantly passive natural lemon flavor, Polar Beverages had a wide selection of tasty flavors - but Lemon is definitely one of my favorites! No more fresca or lacroix .. choose from this time-honored local Massachusetts company!" -MadeInUSAReview


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