Solgar Vegetable-Based Gentle Iron 25mg (180 capsules)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

"Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen from the lungs to all tissues of the body and promotes iron rich blood.* Iron promotes normal red blood cell production and supports energy utilization.* This formulation provides an advanced, patented form of iron which is non-constipating and gentle on the stomach.*" -Solgar

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Product Review; "A great nutritional supplement from a time honored and trusting company. Very mild, and easy on the stomach - I take one of these almost every day - Solgar is relatively affordable and they offer a wide variety of nutrient capsules, if you sometimes miss out on meals and don't always choose the healthiest foods, trying some of Solgar's products can help improve your health." -MadeInUSAReview ,Boston,MA,USA. All Rights Reserved. Amazon/EBay Associates earn from qualifying purchases.