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Suntactics SCharger5 Portable Solar USB Power Charger

"The sCharger-5 (S5) is a powerful ultralight and compact solar charger. The S5 is the official solar charger on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) because it's categorized as an ultralight solar charger. A must-have for the endurance hiker. Most likely you have seen many S5’s on the trails. Including the John Muir, Appalachian, Continental Divide and others. The S5 provides the best power to weight ratio including the added durability. The S5 is also very useful in power outages and other situations where power is not available. Your phone can be charged up completely using only the sun." -Suntactics

Product Review; "Everything needs power and unfortunately most all batteries are made overseas (where cheaper standards and practices mass-pollute and empty our economy), So I power my devices from the national grid, or if I'm on the go, from solar energy with the Suntactics S-charger-5 - Their most compact model (and lowest priced at about $110). This charger is mind blowing - how quickly it charges a phone, even in somewhat overcast weather is amazing. I carry a small AC brick in my bag as well, so whether I'm indoors or outside I'm never without a USB charge - and especially prepared in case of power outage emergency."



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