Thyrm PyroVault Zippo Lighter Insert Armor (Multiple Colors)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

"Up-armor your classic lighter with a sealed enclosure, webbing clip, and sure-grip surfaces. Finally, your favorite lighter can keep up with you wherever you go." -Thyrm

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Product Review; "I've been a user of Zippos for a long time - I love almost everything about them. One thing I could do without though, is that the all metal enclosure of a Zippo allows the Lighter Fluid to evaporate and escape. That's where Thyrms PyroVault Lighter Armor comes in - it uses the always Made In USA Zippo Lighter Insert and a rubber grommit around the lid forms an airtight seal and significantly improves the time-to-refill. The hard plastic is durable and tough but the opening / closing feel and mechanisms are different and take getting used to (sometimes it was stuck shut and needed a shake to open)- I actually opted to sand-off a bit of the clasp-arm, to make one-handed closing a bit easier (and the "getting stuck closed" problems stopped). Overall the benefits outweigh the minor annoyances and I really enjoy using the tried and true Zippo Insert and not having my gas evaporate." -MadeInUSAReview

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