TrumarkInc Hunting And Target Practice Steel Ball Slingshot Ammo (Multiple Sizes / Shapes)

"Trumark's® Steel-Ball Ammo has been selected for it’s special size, it’s not too small and not too large. Ammo that is 1/4" or smaller is too light. It will "tear up" wrist braced slingshot bands that need more weight in the pouch when shot. Steel ammunition that is larger than 3/8" is too heavy and unsafe if used improperly. Trumark’s ammo is a good balance between light and heavy, and is the ideal size for shooting in all wrist-braced slingshots. Perfectly round, Grade A ammo centers easily in the pouch, and lets you concentrate on the target as you get ready to shoot." -Slingshots

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Product Review; "From a small factory in Colorado comes a world renowned Slingshot & Ammunition manufacturer - for generations Trumark Inc has been supplying kids and adults with high quality and affordable Target / Hunting Toys. These little polished steel ball bearings are perfectly spherical for an accurate flight and super dense for high impact damage - powerful enough (depending on you slingshot) to go through thick wood and lighter metals. Help keep this all-American company alive - and keep kids playing outside just like the good old days!" -MadeInUSAReview

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