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ZippoManufacturingCompany Ronsonol Petrolleum Distillate Lighter Fuel (Multiple Sizes)

"Zippo Manufacturing Company acquired assets from Ronson in February 2010. Ronson had marketed lighters since 1913 and offered a diverse line of pocket and torch style lighters and flame accessories. History; Ronson Corporation and later Ronson Consumer Products Company were founded by the Aronson family. Originally, Louis V. Aronson owned and operated the Art Metal Works in Newark, NJ, which he opened in 1886.  Art Metal Works manufactured various decorative metal wares including bookends, paperweights, desk sets, lamps, miniatures, and other metal crafted items. Due to customer demand, Aronson began to explore the flame market and began manufacturing lighters in the early 1900s. In 1910 Aronson was granted a patent for a spark producing ignition system named the “Pist-o-liter” and in 1913 manufactured a pocket lighter named the “Wonderlite.” In 1928 Ronson secured a patent for the revolutionary single-action “Banjo” lighter, which offered both ignition and extinguishment in a single push. Mr. Aronson decided to concentrate on the lighter business and sold the Art Metal Works company. Through the decades Ronson Corporation and various subsidiaries continued to develop several styles of pocket, multi-purpose, and torch style lighters using the Ronson trademark, as well as lighter fluid, and butane fuel using the Ronsonol trademark. It also produced various accessories, including lighters flints and, early on, many other consumer products.  In the 1960's Ronson Corporation sold its international operations, leaving the company with operations and sales primarily in North America. In  2010, Zippo Manufacturing Company, Bradford, PA, acquired certain assets from Ronson including  Ronson and Ronsonol trademarks and the products related thereto. Zippo did not acquire any of the corporation or any of the corporate records or obligations.

Today; The Ronson and Ronsonol brands are part of the Zippo Manufacturing Company family of brands. The product line for the brands continue to be lighters, fuel and related accessories, marketed and sold in the United States, Canada and Mexico at retailers and online." -Zippo

Product Review; "For many years Ronsonol has been owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company - I'm not sure if the formulas are any different, but either way the fluid burns slowly and cleanly, and is really easy to ignite. Best used in Official Zippo Products, but this Lighter Fuel can be used in virtually any spark-wick lighter (or portable-stove or lantern if you're in a pinch). Zippo (/Ronsonol) for life!" -MadeInUSAReview


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