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AEPIndustriesInc GoodSense Kitchen / Construction / Small & Large Plastic Bags (Multiple Varieties)

"4 Reasons Why AEP Can Liners Are the Best; 1. Don't Break - Exclusive Metallocene Catalyst Technology Resin. Most Technologically Advanced Blown Film Process. Producing the Strongest Bags Ever Made. Latest Technology From the Low Cost Producer. 2. Don't Zipper - All the Strength of High Density Without the Zippering. Tear Strength and Elasticity of Hexene Linear. 10 Times the Dart Strength of Other Bags!A Bag to Fulfill Any and All End User Requirement. 3. Don't Leak - Unique 99.9% Leakproof HexSeal Construction. HexSeal Construction Holds 1/3 More Load Than Gusseted Bags. Computer Integrated Manufacturing = Highest Level of Quality Control. Comprehensive Stock and Custom Program. 4. Answers all users needs - Meets Performance Specifications For Both HDPE and LLDPE. Dartbuster Bags – Superior Dart and Tear Strength of Metallocene. Elephant Bags - Thick Recycled Bags With the Strength of Metallocene. Highest Quality, Hassle Free Coreless Rolls." -AEPInc

Product Review; "AEP Industries produces a variety of multipurpose bags in the GoodSense line - I've used a number of them and they're all quality made products! It's important to support one of the last US manufacturers to make industrial / commercial / consumer plastic bags that isn't bought up by a multi-billion dollar corporation. I occasionally find them a discount stores, but buying online can be a great way to stock up - if there are no better Made In USA options." -MadeInUSAReview


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