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ArmalyBrandsInc Erase And Wipe With Estracell Sanitary Wedge Sponge (Multiple Sizes)

"Brillo Erase & Wipe Sponge with Estracell is a two-in-one cleaning pad designed to easily erase marks and clean walls, hallways, and surfaces all around your home without chemicals. Use the white side to erase. Use the purple side, with its Brillo Estracell More Sanitary wiping layer, to wipe away residue. No chemicals are needed—just water. Also, its Wedge Edge® design reaches into corners and crevices. That’s why Brillo is one of the most trusted names in household cleaning." -Brillo

Official Website (ArmalyBrands);

Product Review; "The pinnacle of scientifically designed sponge technology - and doesn't cost any significant amount more than the chunk of plasti-foam many people are currently using. Cut in a sharp wedge shape and made with half eraser half wipe-sponge materials - it really does an amazing job blasting stubborn grime from tight corners. If bacteria is a concern, switching to Estracell kills bacteria ingenuously designed antibacterial holes, where bacteria struggles to take hold." -MadeInUSAReview


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