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Browns Songbird Deluxe Natural Bird Food (7pound bag)

"Brown’s® created Bird Lover’s Blend® for the experienced hobbyist and novice alike. This special blend is designed to attract the most desired birds in all regions during all seasons."


Product Review; "(Ever since playing the Viva Pinata games) I love attracting wildlife for a quick photo - It's like real life pokemon-snap and helps out any starving critters. Birds (in my area) just seem to really enjoy the tiny grains, and the squirrels and groundhogs go for the larger sunflower seeds that fall on the ground. Depending on the region of the United States you're in there may be a better seed / grain mix for your local birds - But this selection has a high odds of attracting many North American Songbirds - Enjoy the sights and songs!" -MadeInUSAReview


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