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CambroManufacturingCo Camtread Oval Non-Skid Black Serving Tray (Multiple Shapes / Sizes)

"Bring unmatched elegance and durability to your banquets or fine catering experience with Camtread oval trays! Durable, long lasting fiberglass construction ensures easy maintenance and a professional look even after years of fast paced tray service. The thick non-skid rubber surface does not wear away under commercial dishwashing, keeping dinnerware in place and providing safer handling. The oval shape of this Camtread solution is recommended for caterers, hotel room service, and banquets handling heavy dishes. Ensure your drinks and meals are securely delivered, time and time again!" -Cambro

Product Review; "Whether entertaining guests at small or large events, or just making your significant other breakfast in bed - Cambro Manufacturing Co makes Serving Trays in so many varieties, if you want cheap/expensive, small/large, Cambro has you covered. They supply hundreds of convention centers, restaurants and more around the US and the world, the attention to structural integrity and material quality is why! Pick up one or two for your next gathering, it looks very professional and makes serving / clean up much easier!" -MadeInUSAReview


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