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CandleCharisma Pure Unscented Liquid Paraffin Lamp Oil (128fl oz jug)

"Cleanest Oil Candle Burning Experience: Candle Charisma® Liquid Oil Wax is a premium blend made out of highly refined liquid waxes to quality way above other lantern lamp oils and fuels. Virtually smokeless and odorless, it will not leave soot and residual odors commonly associated with kerosene based lamp oils. Multi-Purpose and Emergency - These are perfect for lamps, lanterns, torches, shabbat candles, Diwali Lamps, refills, menorah lights and much more. They are also a necessity to have on hand in case of power outages and blackouts. Indoor / Outdoor - These will make your outdoor events beautiful, let it be burning outdoor tiki torches, table centerpiece lamps, lanterns and more. Safety Cap - For safety reasons our paraffin lamp oil bottles are designed with a special safety cap. Made in USA - We are proud to bring you a product that is made in America!" -CandleCharisma

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Product Review; "Although Paraffin Lamps don't use fuel very fast, you will need a good amount if you plan on using it for light / heat. Much more efficient than using grid-electricity to power a small lamp / heater. I love the classy feel a Paraffin Lamp gives and it's good to be prepared with plenty of different fuels and oils in case of emergency. Being able to have light and heat is a must-have for any household - If you at all plan for the future, invest a few dollars in emergency preparedness and American Manufacturing!"



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