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KodiaKooler KodiaKotton KwickPack Natural Fiber Insulated Shipper (Multiple Sizes)

"Sustainability is more important than ever. And consumers are more skeptical than ever. It’s no surprise that sustainability and transparency in every aspect of the supply chain are expected by consumers. The demand for less packaging and curbside recyclability is growing. You don't have to sacrifice quality by choosing sustainability. Our natural fiber liners have been tested by certified third parties to deliver a temperature maintenance that is just as (or more) reliable than EPS foam. Environmentally friendly doesn't have to be more expensive. In fact, KodiaKotton® saves money by reducing dim weight, saves space by shipping flat, and saves time with an easy assembly. Choosing KodiaKotton® means saving money, securing product quality, reducing your footprint, and enhancing your brand image." -KodiaKooler

Product Review; "A great product for big businesses or small sellers - I discovered KodiaKotton when an EBay seller wrapped a USA made product I ordered in it. Made from biodegradable natural cotton, the insulating and cushioning pads can be re-used in a number of ways - and they really do a fantastic job protecting breakable objects or perishables in the mail. I always hate getting a huge unnecessary amount of packing, and having to immediately throw it out.. do your part to reduce this mess!" -MadeInUSAReview


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