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PineGloProductsInc Antibacterial Disinfectant Multipurpose Kitchen / Bathroom Cleaner (40oz Bottle)

"Pine Glo is an All Purpose DISINFECTING Cleaner that can be used to clean hard nonporous surfaces throughout the entire household. Pine Glo is also a Federal EPA registered Disinfecting cleaner. This means that Pine Glo is tested and proven to kill germs and viruses. Also, Every time we make Pine Glo, it has to meet very rigorous production quality testing in every batch with a very low tolerance for ingredient variation. This means that the quality of Pine Glo will not change from production batch to production batch. The Disinfectant claims on the our label is an extra level of guarantee to our customers that Pine Glo is a highly effective, consistently made, and high quality product. All our products are made in the USA." -PineGloProducts

Official Website (PineGloProducts);

Product Review; "Best 'bang-for-the-buck' Household Cleaning product I know of. Pine Glo products can be found online or at discount stores, and provides a powerful removal or any germs and bacteria. Powers away stains and odors, sold in a variety of scents."



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